Where I’m Going

Here are my current foreseeable travel plans!

Prague, Czech Republic (December 2012)
Vienna, Austria (December 2012)
Budapest, Hungary (December 2012)

Istanbul, Turkey (Tentatively March 2013)

San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala (May 5-19, 2013)



  1. Hi Kay! If you would like any tips for your travels to Istanbul, let me know! I lived there ( in the Bakirkoy area) for three months 🙂 Great Blog!

    1. Susan,

      I’m not 100% sure if I’m going just yet, but I’d love to hear about the city/chat with you about travel things. I always love meeting fellow bloggers 🙂


  2. restless wanderer · · Reply

    istanbul is amazing – i was just there for a day en route to athens, but i fell in love with the city immediately. definitely want to go back and explore turkey 🙂

    1. I’d definitely love to go there. Istanbul looks beautiful in photos!


  3. Oh….Budapest is one of my favortie cities and I hope to go to Istanbul next year too! Happy travels!

    1. What things do you recommend I do in my short time there? I’ll only be there for about 4 days and I want to make the most out of it!


  4. why don’t you plan to for Spain or Italy? I love its architecture and there are lot of photography stuffs in Spain and Italy 🙂 you’re gonna love it.

    1. Ambreen,

      I hope one day soon I can go to Spain and Italy!


  5. Hi Kay…thanks for following my India Journal Blog. Hope you find something of interest during my current journey, or even more interesting in past journeys. Especially nice is an 8 part series which is about a month back in the posts called “Faces of India”…[photo posts . I look forward to exploring here as well. You haven’t listed India in any of your itineraries…perhaps after doing some exploring of my blog, you might decide it is something you should consider. You won’t be sorry I guarantee you.
    with love l ight and JOY

  6. I loved Budapest for its combined Islamic-Christian history: a city with fabulous public baths but church bells instead of a muezzin over a tinny loudspeaker. Enjoy! ~molly

    1. I’m pretty excited for Budapest. Any recommendations for sights to see?


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