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Wonderful Things!

  In case you’re new here, please take note that I have moved to a self hosted WordPress site. All of my posts and stuff will be there now, rather than here. Here are some of my more recent posts there: Photo of the Week: Orchard Beach 5 Ways to ImproveYour Photography Tuesday Tips: How to […]

Saving on Accommodation Costs with Love Home Swap

One of the easiest and most effective ways to cut the cost of your holiday is with a home swap.  The house exchange website,, is a member’s only site with homes of all styles and sizes in holiday destinations all over the world. Get in touch with a like-minded homeowner and you can be […]

Orange County Take 2: Local Flair

After a crazy flight home from Hong Kong, I spent a few days relaxing in Orange County before heading back to Virginia, where my mother’s home is located. We did a lot of sleeping and recovering from jet lag, but of course we packed in a few little adventures along the way! One morning,

Summer 2012: Reflections, Inspirations, and Aspirations

If you are new to my blog, you probably don’t know that I was abroad from May to July of this year. I left for San Lucas Tolimán on May 13 and returned briefly, only to jet myself off to Asia on June 5, not returning until July 24. You also may not know that […]

In Transit: From LA to Cebu

At last, it was time for me to make my leap from the west coast of the USA to Cebu City in the Philippines. This was my longest and farthest solo trip ever, totaling over 20 hours of travel time from the time I got to LAX to the time I left Cebu International Airport! […]