Special Thanks

This is not directly related to travel, but I owe many people a much-deserved thank you for making all of the travels in this blog a reality:

My mother and sister, for always supporting my travels, my goals and my dreams, through good times and bad. Without you two I would be, well, homeless and uneducated. Haha.

My father, for always making the effort to teach me about the places he gets to travel for work!

Christine Dayrit, although I have not known her for long, she has wholly inspired me to travel throughout my life and see places that I’ve only dreamed of seeing.

Matt Kepnes, or “Nomadic Matt” for choosing me as the winner of his “12-Day Trip to Europe Contest,” and providing me with the opportunity to travel to Budapest, Prague, and Vienna, and for being such an admirable traveler and blogger.

My teachers and professors, especially Mrs. Sherry Schemmel, Mrs. Sarah Oliver, Dr. Donahoe, Dr. Carl Atlee, Mrs. Debi Coleman, and Dr. Melissa Gniadek for instilling in me the desire to write always, and for exposing me to new cultures and ideas through literature and language.

My relatives, who always bend over backwards to help me travel and learn through my experiences. From taking me out to eat at their favorite restaurants to housing me for months on end, I really appreciate all you’ve done for me to help me on my way.

My mentors, Joe Lenich, Jocelyn Adelman, Dr. Erin Freeman, and Dr. Joyce Lloyd, for always teaching me the importance of dedication in everything I do.

And lastly, my friends. For without you I would never get the crazy ideas in my head to sneak into movie premieres, go out on a limb, or make life-changing decisions. You all are my backbone and I really appreciate your support.

So that’s it. Here’s to all of the people who brought me to where I am now!


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