Saving on Accommodation Costs with Love Home Swap

One of the easiest and most effective ways to cut the cost of your holiday is with a home swap.  The house exchange website,, is a member’s only site with homes of all styles and sizes in holiday destinations all over the world. Get in touch with a like-minded homeowner and you can be holidaying like a local before you know it. Here are some of the benefits of saving on accommodation with Love Home Swap.

Visit amazing destinations all over the world

Love Home Swap is a great site where you can swap your home with the home of another in any destination worldwide. Take your pick from a romantic apartment in Paris, a villa in Tuscany or a chalet in the French Alps.


No need to skimp on comfort

With a home swap you don’t need to worry about skimping on comfort. You can afford to travel for long periods of time without having to stay in grotty, uncomfortable accommodation. You will be staying in a home as nice as your own, with all the home comforts included. Having use of a kitchen and getting tips from the locals on the best places to shop for food – as well as the restaurants which have the best offers – will mean that you will save money on food costs, as well as saving a huge amount on your accommodation.

You can still enjoy your holiday if you’re on a tight budget

When times are hard holidays are one of the first things to go, even though they are important for relieving stress and making you feel happier. With Love Home Swap you will be taking away a massive chunk of your vacation costs, making home swapping a great way to travel for those on a budget.

An affordable option for exploring London

If you are looking for a break in the UK, London is the most sought after destination for people travelling from all over the world, but unfortunately staying in the city doesn’t come cheaply. By exchanging your home for house swap in London you can spend time exploring this iconic city without draining your entire budget on accommodation costs. With homes available in the heart of the city, dotted along the river, you can be within walking distance from Big Ben, the London Eye and the Tate Modern.


A good alternative to staying in hostels

Although many people enjoy staying in a good hostel and having the backpacking experience, choosing to take part in a home swap can help you really get to know the place that you are staying in. Homeowners often leave books full of local recommendations and are more than happy to suggest things to see and do. Not only will you be living like a local, you will also have a private bathroom and access to a full kitchen, without having to cart around your own towels and crockery.

By signing up to Love Home Swap you will have access to a huge number of properties all over the globe. With such a range of homes on offer you can easily find your dream holiday home, whether you are looking for a cosy romantic home to share with your loved one, or a large comfortable home to fit in all the family.

Author Bio

Tracey Chandler is a freelance travel writer who regularly contributes to travel blogs and female-interest magazines about matters of the heart.


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