Love, Dating and Romantic Destinations to Visit in the UK

Looking for a place to travel as a couple? England is a romantic and beautiful destination to visit with your other half. Tracey Chandler discusses a few of the United Kingdom’s most couple-friendly areas.

After jabs, jetlag, airport queues and irritating coins of foreign currency that stick around in your wallet for ages, a holiday abroad doesn’t always feel like a holiday at all. If you’re looking for a romantic retreat – whether it’s a misty mountaintop or a secluded beach – why not consider staying in the UK instead?

What’s more, a surprise getaway is easy to organise when you don’t have to factor in expensive air travel. These are some of the UK’s most idyllic destinations for lovebirds, whether they met on eHarmony UK or through friends…

Isle of Wight

The diamond-shaped island off the south coast of England has retained much of its unique character despite fast travel links to the mainland by boat. The south-east shoreline is popular with tourists in the summer months. However, head west and nestled amongst the chalk downs and farmland you’ll find several charming villages like Chale and Shorwell.

The best way to see the stunning Isle of Wight countryside is on foot. The annual Walking Festival in May has a programme packed with easy strolls, challenging hikes and even speed dating.

Lake District

England’s largest National Park is a wonderful place to get lost in with a lover. It’s easy to see why the great poets and painters of the Romantic Movement were so enamoured of the place. Wildlife thrives in the ancient woodland and pristine stretches of water that give the area its name.

Rising from the shorelines are craggy fells and hillsides. Scafell Pike is included in this epic natural backdrop – England’s highest mountain. The easiest way to see these peaks is by walking or cycling along the 3500km of footpaths. At the end of the day, cuddle up close in a cute cottage or luxurious boutique hotel.


North of the Scottish border, Edinburgh is a city with all the right ingredients for a romantic retreat, whatever activities you like to share. If you’re shopaholics, you’ll love strolling up and down the Royal Mile, while the majestic castle will entice any history buff through its doors. Edinburgh also plays host to several cultural festivals. January 25th marks the annual celebration of Robert Burns, Scotland’s national poet. In the summer, artists and talented performers line the streets for the Fringe Festival.


On the west coast of Britain stands the highest mountain in Wales. Although an exhilarating challenge to ascend on foot, the mist-shrouded sides of Snowdon can easily be seen from the Mountain Railway. Ascend to the top in style under the power of the steam – once at the summit a champagne picnic is the perfect way to enjoy the views.

These UK destinations are all great romantic retreats, depending on what kind of holiday you’re looking for. If you met your other half on a site like eHarmony, you’re likely to have a lot in common since you’re matched on important things like interests, which should make your decision on where to go easy. If one of you is more into the idea of a city break while the other would prefer a walking holiday in the picturesque countryside, you may just have to come to a compromise – or toss a coin. Enjoy whichever stunning UK location you choose!

Author Bio

Tracey Chandler is a freelance travel writer who regularly contributes to travel blogs and female-interest magazines about matters of the heart.


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