Shades of Autumn: A Trip Home

A cool breeze greeted me as I walked out of the airport in Richmond, VA, the place I called home for six years before moving to Texas for college. As school and classes started getting more and more stressful, a taste of Virginia fall was exactly what I needed. The real reason I headed home for the weekend was for my mother’s birthday, a big surprise I planned back in August.

After surprising my mother at home, we took a small trip downtown to drive around. Richmond is especially beautiful in the fall, and the leaves in this city are just beginning to change colors at this time of year. The city is mostly industrial, with many railways and overpasses. There’s also a lot of art here, with murals painted on almost every corner.

Before leaving downtown, we stopped at Bobalicious to get some boba tea and frozen yogurt. In keeping with the colorful, artsy atmosphere of the city, the building was painted orange!

After our trip downtown, we ate at a new restaurant near Short Pump Mall called Genghis Grill. This restaurant specializes in stir fry that you can make yourself. The waiter hands you a bowl and you choose your ingredients, then they make your meal for you.

On Sunday, my mother took us to a special show of sorts — a drag show brunch. This was interesting because I was definitely not expecting to attend a show like this, much less with my own mother. But the performers were very charismatic and, as crazy as it was, I enjoyed it a lot. As you can see, I get my sense of adventure from my mom.

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent with my family, which was a great break from school and classes. I’m certainly glad that I got to spend a little bit of time at home, and I learned even more about the city I live in as well! Also, I’d like to extend a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mother, for without her, I would not have had started traveling in the first place. 🙂

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One comment

  1. Aww what a fun trip!! Glad you got a chance to go home, it’s always nice to visit family! 🙂


    Fierce & Fashionable

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