From Baltimore to Philly: A Whirlwind Day Trip In the East Coast

At 7 AM on Sunday, I sleepily stumbled out of my red-eye from LAX to BWI, where my mother and best friend awaited my arrival by the baggage claim. After a night of terrible jet lag and no sleep, I wasn’t sure how the activities of the day would pan out. But, being the adventuress I am, I put on a game face and got excited for the events of the day.

Our first stop was Baltimore, where we got a quick bite to eat and attempted to check in at a hotel. However, after a rude check-in experience and some nonchalant employees, we decided to cancel our reservation and move on.

We then went to Annapolis for a quick breakfast. While there, we visited a small farmer’s market and bought some freshly baked goods and fresh fruits.

My favorite things about Annapolis are the vibrant history of the town as well as the nautical ambience present here.

Afterward, we drove to Philadelphia, where my Sigur Rós concert would take place in the evening. During the day we walked around Independence Hall and the city. It was very different than LA, but still just as thrilling.

And lastly, the highlight of my day arrived: the Sigur Rós concert at the Mann Center for Performing Arts. The venue was intimate and very carefully planned, and I was luckily able to snag some front-row standing room! I met a few friends — Alex, Whitney, Vaka, and Salka — who I talked to throughout the concert. A band called Perfume Genius opened, and his beautiful piano sounds and nostalgic melodies reminded me of lost lovers, old friends, and memories of travels from long ago. He was truly brilliant.

The show was absolutely unbelievable. Sigur Rós’ music is achingly beautiful and mind-blowingly brilliant. Jónsi’s beautiful vocals accompanied Georg’s fantastic bass skills and Orri’s natural drumming abilities. This was my very first concert and I went solo, and I don’t think any concert will truly be able to live up to this one. I’m looking forward to the next time I will see them live.

And now, after a five-hour car ride, I can finally say I’m back home here in Virginia, safe and sound. I’m pretty amazed at how my travels ended, and I’d be willing to drop everything and do it again any day.



  1. I’ve only been to Annapolis one time it was really beautiful. It was with a great friend so I love the photos, it was like revisiting that trip.

  2. Wow the lovely concert must’ve made up for the travel efforts!
    Wish we could hear the video 🙂
    Cheers – Dilip

  3. Sounds like an amazing day. Sigur Ros is the greatest band on the planet. Their music inspired us to visit Iceland two years ago. And guess who we ran in to on the streets of Reykjavic. You guessed it…Jonsi. Legendary.

    1. I am SO jealous! Wow! I would love to meet Jónsi!!! I got lucky actually and got to meet Georg and Orri’s daughters in the crowd — they told me I should come to Iceland and both gave me big hugs at the end! It was a really heartwarming and amazing evening.


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