Summer 2012: Reflections, Inspirations, and Aspirations

If you are new to my blog, you probably don’t know that I was abroad from May to July of this year. I left for San Lucas Tolimán on May 13 and returned briefly, only to jet myself off to Asia on June 5, not returning until July 24.

You also may not know that I just finished my freshman year of college. At nineteen years old, it’s pretty difficult to find an internship during the summer, especially in the social science fields (where my major falls). So, instead of continuing my tireless search for a summer job, I packed my bags and off I went.

Little did I know that this summer-long adventure would ignite within me a desire to travel so strong that I want to continue always, despite the demands of school and family that keep me grounded here in the United States. As I rode in the back of a taxi on the crowded streets of Cebu City, my last glances of the Philippines were tearful ones. There’s something about places I visit that makes me feel so attached, whether it’s the Philippines, Guatemala, England, or even Houston, where I go to college.

For me, it’s not about visiting all of the glamorous hotels and resorts, although that is very nice. It’s also not about finding the cheapest way to travel. For me, it’s about seeing a place in a way that does it justice. It’s about experiencing the beautiful, the painful, and everything in between. It’s about learning from the people who have lived somewhere all their lives, breathing their air and eating their food. It’s about seizing the day, the minute, the second and reaping the benefits. For me, it’s about falling in love with a destination for what it really is.

And this is why I truly believe that my travels this summer were more rewarding than any internship would have been. I learned how to be independent and fend for myself in many respects. I learned how to cross the boundaries of language and share in common interests, like photography. I learned that a smile can go a lot farther than a frown. But most importantly, I opened my mind to the unimaginable things that the world has to offer. And these, my friends, are things that you can’t learn at any desk job.

I hope to make a career out of travel, or at least find a career which allows me to do so. I want to use this blog to reach out to as many people, of all different ages, places, and kinds, so that I can hear their stories and see their worlds. Because even though we all live in the same world, each person sees it differently. I am endlessly inspired by travel, both my own trips and reading about the trips of others. And quite honestly, I’m ready to see even more of the world and meet more of the fascinating people who inhabit it.

Now, that being said, who is willing to help me accomplish my goal? Tell me your stories and help me learn about the world you live in.




  2. Awesome post… Good on you.. I am in my 10th career field or so it seems and I have found many jobs that would suit your desire for travel. I taught English in Korea at elementary level at first then up to University level. Through that I was able to visit China, Thailand, Cambodia, and all parts of Korea. Incredible experience, good on a resume and amazing travel. I have finally found a job that allows me to live and work over seas.. And it pays pretty well. I have been in Venezuela for almost two years and my next job is in Kathmandu, Nepal, if you are interested in that travel and interesting work you should google foreign service officer.. Seriously awesome opportunity. Keep writing and keep looking!

    1. Thank you! I definitely need to look more into teaching English abroad and jobs of that nature. Thanks for opening my eyes on the topic! I’ll definitely look into foreign service jobs a lot more now! Those definitely seem to be up my alley. 🙂


  3. Are you already back in the States?

    I agree with what you said about traveling. I tend to stay away from the touristy areas when given the chance because I don’t want to know what the country wants me to know, but what the locals know. Also, it’s true that you can learn a lot more through traveling than in school or in some internship.

    Cheers and good luck! :]

    1. Yep, I’m back here in good old Virginia before heading back to Houston in August. I’m glad you agree — I definitely think travel is unbelievably valuable in its own way. Any travel updates on your end? 🙂


      1. Virginia? I’ve never been, but then again, I haven’t gone to many places in the States, haha. Only 8 states, to be exact. :/

        Hm, other than perhaps a road trip in the near future and my month-long trip to Asia, none as of yet. ^^ But as it is, I have a lot to do before October and in preparation for it so I’m as content as can be before then.

  4. Lovely pictures and an interesting blog! Thanks.

    1. Thank you so much for coming and commenting! I can’t wait to see more from you as well!

  5. I would also love to make a career out of travel too! I wouldn’t mind traveling for the rest of my life. I feel happy and blessed to be able to visit so many places. I have much more places I want to see!

    1. Adri,

      I couldn’t agree more. There are always new places to see, new people to meet, and new adventures to be had!


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