Buzzing With Excitement: Bohol Bee Farm

My favorite place in Bohol begins with a bee.

Actually, make that millions of bees.

At Bohol Bee Farm, there’s never a shortage of honey. There isn’t a shortage of vintage, bed-and-breakfast style comfort either. For less than one dollar, day visitors can go on a tour of the farm areas,

the residential areas,

the art galleries,

and the rest of the resort. Visitors even have a chance to hold some honey bees if they choose!

They were very friendly and won’t sting unless they feel threatened.

Another really unique aspect of the farm is the atmosphere. There are many rooms available here at the farm where people can stay starting at PHP 2,500 a night. With vintage, artistic furnishings and quaint décor, the restaurant looks like something out of an Anthropologie magazine.

Not to mention the stunning ocean views from the resort area.

We sat down for a light lunch at the oceanside restaurant. A few minutes later, our table was covered with flavorful breads with honey, fruit, and pesto-based spreads.

Then, the most beautiful salads I’ve ever seen were brought out by friendly staff members. These salads are special because in addition to the freshly grown lettuce and low-sodium cheese, they also sprinkle colorful, edible flowers into the mix.

The lunch was delicious and I wish I could have stayed and tried everything. We finished off our meal with some homemade ice cream — I chose two local flavors, malunggay and spicy ginger. The malunggay is a flavor extracted from the leaf of the horseradish tree and tastes a lot like avocado, while the spicy ginger tastes like a variant of chai. All of the homemade ice creams are made from fresh coconut milk instead of dairy milk.

Before we left we made a stop at the gift shop. The shop offers many food items, teas, honeys, cosmetic items, and gifts for visitors. Most of the items are made at the farm from natural resources grown there.

So what makes this place different than any other resort? Well, it all comes down to a feeling. This place felt so comfortable and rustic, and it was wonderful to see all of the handmade artwork and food. Flowers and color scatter the grounds, and are accompanied by both traditional Filipino and European styles. Bohol Bee Farm is perfect for quiet conversations on a weekday afternoon, leisurely getaways, and everything in between. I can’t wait until I return here again!




  1. What a wonderful place. Have they suffered any of the bee desease that is killing so many in America?

    1. Not that I’ve heard of. The lady giving us the tour mentioned that they have both wild bees and bees with controlled pollination sources at the farm, but didn’t mention anything about disease! I’m interested to know more about the American problems though. What’s happening?


      1. Here’s a link to a site with the best info we can find: It does seem to be at epidemic proportions in some areas.

  2. Interesting shots.

    1. Thanks, Kurt!


  3. aytacgok · · Reply

    Reblogged this on 10th Village.

  4. Brave girl! Love your adventurous spirit!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I love comments like these — they keep me on the prowl for even more adventure! 🙂


  5. Bohol Bee Farm, here I come!! 😉

    haha, it seriously looks magnificent, though – I also love the look of that salad! After I looked up plane tickets, I started wondering where I should stay and which islands I should stay at and I think this one looks promising.

    T___T I’m getting overly excited…

    1. This place would be perfect for you! It has a lot of really great organic vegetable dishes that are grown right there on the farm, and it’s pretty easy to get from place to place. Also, Bohol is a wonderful island for first-time visitors because it is not TOO crowded but still has a lot of great tourist attractions and things to see.

      1. You’ve won me over!! Consider it done… but now I have to see if my travel buddy’s up for it as well… :/

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