Monthly Archives: July 2012

Orange County Take 2: Local Flair

After a crazy flight home from Hong Kong, I spent a few days relaxing in Orange County before heading back to Virginia, where my mother’s home is located. We did a lot of sleeping and recovering from jet lag, but of course we packed in a few little adventures along the way! One morning, Advertisements

Summer 2012: Reflections, Inspirations, and Aspirations

If you are new to my blog, you probably don’t know that I was abroad from May to July of this year. I left for San Lucas Tolim├ín on May 13 and returned briefly, only to jet myself off to Asia on June 5, not returning until July 24. You also may not know that […]

Hong Kong: Cultural Chic

Step out on the streets of Hong Kong and you’ll see that this busy city is full of both cultural elements and sophisticated city living. In our extended layover here, we’ve seen many areas of both Hong Kong and Kowloon, as well as Victoria Bay. Beautiful Chinese-style boats are abundant here in the harbor, making […]

Buzzing With Excitement: Bohol Bee Farm

My favorite place in Bohol begins with a bee. Actually, make that millions of bees. At Bohol Bee Farm, there’s never a shortage of honey. There isn’t a shortage of vintage, bed-and-breakfast style comfort either. For less than one dollar, day visitors can go on a tour of the farm areas, the residential areas, the […]

A Date With A Snake: Trekking In Bohol

When I reflect on my experiences in Bohol, the first thing that comes to mind is the exotic wildlife I had the chance to come in contact with — quite literally. Our first stop after disembarking our two-hour boat from Camiguin was to see the endangered Tarsier monkeys at a wildlife sanctuary. These monkeys are […]

I’m On A Boat: Island Hopping In The Philippine Sea

While we were in Surigao, I was afforded the opportunity to go island hopping in the Philippine Sea. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but as we boarded our bangka (traditional Philippine boat), and set sail, I was sure that this would truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We first went to a small […]

A Trip to Surigao: Adventures in the Rainforest

I never knew that a three-hour, bumpy van ride would take me from my ancestral home in Cabadbaran to the most beautiful rainforest scenes I’ve ever seen. First, we stopped at Tinuy-an Falls in Surigao. This breathtaking landmark requires a quick ferry across the river and a 10-minute van or motorcycle ride. But the journey […]