Maribago: Melodies of Memories

Although I only spent one full day at this resort, it was so wonderful that I felt it deserved a post of its own.

The Bluewater resort system is owned by Julie Alegrado and her family, close family friends of ours, so we’ve basically been visiting Bluewater Maribago since before I learned to walk. The resort’s luxurious amenities have only improved from time to time, making the resort a place that my family loves to visit each time we come to the Philippines. Boasting three pools, a high-end spa, and many delicious eating options, it’s no wonder that the resort attracts visitors from all over the world to its sandy shores.

Our room was a beachfront cottage with a skylit bathroom and a very comfortable bedroom that opens to the ocean. The minimalistic yet classy design really adds a feeling of luxury and comfort to the room.

A quick walk from the room brought us to The Cove seafood restaurant, where we ate dinner with the General Manager and the head chef on our first evening at the resort. Lining the restaurant are various tanks with live fish, prawns, and shellfish taken right from the ocean. Delicious, fresh seafood dishes were brought to us by the generous staff members in the restaurant’s waterfront gazebo. It was truly a magical experience.

After our dinner, I received various spa treatments at the resort’s Amuma Spa. They offer massages, facials, body wraps, you name it! I decided on the Peligo Wrap, which is a body wrap composed of various local fruits native to the island, as well as the Glow Facial. Both worked wonders on my skin and all of my tensions melted away. It reminded me of my first manicure, which coincidentally I also received at Bluewater Maribago Resort when I was just eight years old!

The next day, we took a tour around the resort, photographing the pools, the exercise room, the spa, and other various amenities that the resort offers. We saw the pool where I took a photo with my dad – that same photo hung in my living room for years. We visited the pavilion where we threw Uncle John a birthday party back in 2001. But the most wonderful moment was meeting the owner herself, Julie Alegrado. She told me about how close she is with my grandparents and how she visited them in Camiguin before. It was beautiful being able to share stories and memories with her!

One of the resort’s specialties is its theme dinners. On Saturday night, we went to Barrio Fiesta, an amalgamation of local cuisine, attire, music, and festivities!

Bluewater Maribago definitely holds a special place in my heart, and I hope to one day take my family here for the ultimate vacation! From the old memories to the new, one thing is for sure – Maribago Bluewater is a fabulous place for making memories and renewing them too!


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